The Science and Technology Park of Crete (STEP-C) was created in 1993 as an initiative of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), one of the largest Research Organizations in the country. STEP-C offers, in addition to incubating facilities and services to start up companies with new and emerging technologies, specialized professional services geared to assisting and guiding them to:

  1. Unleash their potential through innovation
  2. Assess and secure their intellectual capital
  3. Support better their business interests and needs
  4. Transfer their technological advancements into the manufacturing of innovative products and services

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    The SME Strategy released by European Commission supports #SMEs by recognizing their individual requirements and the need to reinforce innovation, jobs and diversity that they bring to the EU economy.
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    The event that is focused on Technology and Innovation is co-organised by Entreprise Greece and the Consulate of Greece in San Francisco

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  • READ MORE Erasmus for young entrepreneurs programme- One more success story between two entrepreneurs from Greece & Spain


    Thanks to #ErasmusEntrepreneurs programme the ΝΕ Lucia Ramos Miramontes from Spain took part in a business exchange relationship and had the chance to spend 6 months in Greece (21/10/2019 - 18/04/2020) working with the successful company “Another Circus“ and the Host entrepreneur Mr.Evangelos Karapetsas, in the sector of branding, digital and tangible product design and communication.

    This cooperation not only gave her the opportunity to learn new techniques in the use of 2D and 3D programmes and develop a detailed plan for her own business but also helped her evolve on a personal level.

    On the other hand, Mr. Karapetsas (HE) had the opportunity for a second time to share experience and knowledge with a young and dynamic person while hosting her in his company. The NE contributed to the Host company with her skills and knowledge in the field of graphic design and product from a different cultural perspective and with her fresh ideas.
    They both talk about their unique experience and they explain how much precious was their participation in the programme. 

    Lucia :

    "I decided to participate in the EYE programme because after finishing my studies it was a way to get experience in a real company. I was interested in continuing to improve my skills in this field in order to have enough knowledge to work unifying product design with graphics.

    My participation in the EYE programme offered me the opportunity to work within the field that I have studied for quite a long time. It also gave me the opportunity to work in English, something that in Spain would not be very common."

    Benefits achieved

    "I have been in contact with new clients of European companies. Not only Greeks but I have worked for social networks in Germany, Romania and Portugal. Meeting different clients from other countries has given me the opportunity to learn to work with different methodologies for each of them.

     I have known how a design company is divided into its interior: different departments, coordinators and workspaces. Now I know that if I created a business I would need more people specialized in a specific field. I also understood the need for people with a degree in marketing within a design studio. Something that I had not considered until working within Another Circus. In short, speaking of my future business, the most rewarding thing has been learning how it works and the roles are divided within a study, working times and the internal organization of the company."

    This experience has been very rewarding for different reasons.

    First of all, the opportunity to work in a real company and learn how to carry out a project that will be appreciated by a large number of viewers.
    On the other hand, the fact of working in another language has been an achievement. All my colleagues have endeavored to interact with me in English and helped me to work in Greek when I needed it.

    I have learned how to communicate abroad. Both my HE and all the members of the company have taught me how to do work effectively and have helped me both in the workplace and personally.

    This business exchange relationship gave me the opportunity to learn new techniques in the use of 2D and 3D programs."


    "Hosting Lucia was  great for both HE and NE sides. She immediately was integrated by our team and felt as being part of it for long before. We discussed from very first day a lot about her plan and it was crystal clear for us. We tried to involve her directly to important projects that she had the opportunity to familiarize herself with an agency's structure, roles, methods, practices and tools. I personally made sure she would get the full clients’ brief before starting any creative execution so she has developed also an understanding on the strategic part of this business.

    Lucia has her dream and vision in the creative industry and getting to know from inside how a Greek Agency works, will make it 100% easier for her to project it in her own way in her own country. She also realised how important soft skills are as long as discovered the potential of collaborating with other talents and backgrounds. We also highlighted to her from the very beginning how important it is for a creative  professional to truly understand his clients' needs and work hard for their request and vision. Lucia understood this and proved it throughout her stay by working hard and deliver on time more than what was requested, on subjects that up to then she hasn’t ever before, by using tools and practices that most of the times where just introduced to her.

    It was a 100% successful collaboration that we would wish would last far longer."


  • READ MORE Erasmus for young entrepreneurs programme- A success story between two entrepreneurs from Greece & Denmark


    The New Entrepreneur from Greece, Mrs. Panagiota Pouliou and the Host Entrepreneur from Denmark, Mr. Lasse Grønnerup Johannesen, participated in the Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme, for 6 months,  (October 2019 - April 2020). They believe that it was a valuable experience and they are completely satisfied by their cooperation. With no doubt,  it was great that they had the chance to exchange ideas and experiences. See below how do they present this successful business exchange relationship.


    Lasse is a well accomplished architect located in Copenhagen. He studied architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts. At the beginning of his career he was a project manager at COBE, one of the most
    renowned architectural studios in the world. After some time there, him and Tobias Mürsch decided to pursue their career goals together and create their own company. WERKT is a hybrid of contemporary
    architecture, new construction materials and the elegance of the Nordic design.

    Panayota is a recent architecture graduate who specialises in 3d printing and modeling. She is very familiar with coding and her goal is to open “LAB 42”, which will be her own studio / workshop.
    Panayota has worked in the past in other offices as an architect, both in Greece and abroad, and her dream is to apply innovations to architecture. She considers technology very important and suggests the use of computational mechanisms for the creation of concepts, buildings and facades. She also finds very interesting the research concerning new materials and 3d printed forms.

    The EYE program gave them the chance to work together and broaden their efficiency, their perspective and develop new skills and ideas. The goal of this project was to gain experience and share knowledge in both parties.

    Both Panayota and Lasse gained a lot of experience through the EYE program and they have decided to extend their collaboration after the end of it.

    Panayota levelled up her business and communication skills. She learned how to promote her work and how to attract customers.

    Panayota also managed to understand the procedure of setting up a company as a whole, the importance of teamwork and the importance of the leader (how to keep balance in the work environment, and all the employees productive and happy).

    Lasse, on the other hand, also gained a lot through this collaboration. He found Panayota to be inspiring and very professional. He thinks her ideas are revolutionary in the field of architecture and he believes that her practises can be in good use.
    Lasse and Panayota worked together for a period of 6 months. They worked together on several projects and at the same time in the different phases for each one. This allowed them to see things differently.
    Panayota used to believe a lot in architectural competitions. Now she is embracing the idea of trying to achieve direct communication with customers instead. Werkt studio now has a 3D printing department so they can produce their own models and experiment with new strategies and materials.


    The outcome of this collaboration has led to the offering Panayota a job at Werkt. Even though Panayota gained a lot from the EYE program, she believes that extending her visit in Denmark allows her to learn and evolve more as a person and as a business woman. Her plan is to open LAB 42 in the next few years. Hopefully, Lasse and Panayota will keep working together when that happens.



    “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a very challenging and offering program at the same time. It was a pleasure being part of it and having the opportunity to become an efficient entrepreneur myself.” Panayota Pouliou, New Entrepreneur

    “Working with new entrepreneurs is always very refreshing and can make you realise what is happening all over the world. It provides new market perspectives and ideas.”
    Lasse Grønnerup Johannesen, Host Entrepreneur

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    To complement hackathons taking place at global and member state level, the European Commission - in close collaboration with EU member states – will host a pan-European hackathon to connect civil society, innovators, partners and buyers across Europe to develop innovative solutions to coronavirus.

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  • READ MORE EIT Digital Venture Program


    The EIT Digital Venture Program supports entrepreneurial teams from 20 countries with deep tech business ideas to finalise their MVP and start their venture. The EIT Digital Venture Program East Balkans edition supports the establishment of ventures in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania.

    The programs offer a 8-week Pre-Acceleration. Also, teams receive financial support of up to €25,000 in 3 stages from MVP to incorporation up to finding a first investor

    International growth support for European entrepreneurs:

    • Get financial support of up to €25,000
    • Develop your Minimum Viable Product
    • Establish your deep tech venture
    • Get business development help from top international experts
    • Join Europe’s leading innovation ecosystem

    Why you should apply:

    The EIT Digital Venture Program helps entrepreneurs with deep tech business ideas to:

    • Develop and finalise their Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    • Establish their startup company
    • Find a first investor

    For more info visit



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