Graduated Companies (since 2000)

Company Name   Activity   Graduation
Kladis Energy Ltd   Photovoltaic, wind & solar thermal systems   2019
Kaleao Ltd   Design and manufacturing of innovative low energy converged hardware and software systems   2019
SingularLogic AE   Development and distribution of business software applications, design and implementation of Integrated IT Solutions   2018
ioCORE   Storage virtualization software   2018
ioFABRIC inc.   Storage virtualization software   2018
N.PAPANIKOLAOU & ASSOCIATES   Settings of MRI scanners   2018
Styloola Ltd   Fashion mobile applications   2013, 2016, 2017, 2018
TCM net   International Scientific Organization   2017
SEV (Stegi Ellinikis Viomixanias)   Development Company of Association of Greek Industries   2015
Talos Avionics   Avionic systems and devices   2015
M. Serpetsidakis & CO, G.P. - Mind   Audiovisual productions - Development of software packages & multimedia software development services   2015
INSTITUTE OF VISION & OPTICS (former VEIC)   Research, training, technology development and provision of medical services   2015   Web platform for the promotion of local SMEs   2014
IT CRETE SA   Research & development on medical sciences   2014
FORTHcrs SA   Integrated online services for transportation industry & tourism professionals   2014
Katrea Holidays  Ltd   Travel Agency, Organizing Conferences & Meetings   2013
TOXPLUS SA   Analyses, medical examinations, consulting services   2013
ERID EE   Software development to system, network, security and database administration   2013
Datapath Ltd   Design of integrated circuits   2013
Medotics Hellas Ltd   Robotics, Medical Applications, Control Systems   2013
Ecowatt Hellas Ltd   Energy systems   2013   E-tourism oriented company   2012
INFO TRAFFIC SA   Developing systems of traffic data   2011
GREEN INNOVATION PARTNERS Ltd   Renewable Energy Systems   2011
PALMERA Ltd   Computer Science Applications & Telematic services   2010
NANOCHRONOUS LOGIC  Inc   Develops Design-for-Variability (DFV) EDA tools for ASIC, SoC and FPGA circuits implemented with deep sub-micron standard cell libraries.   2010
ALGOSYSTEMS SA   Integrated Business Solutions in the Information Technology area in the Automation and Control industry & Metrology support services   2010
INFOCHARTA Ltd   Digital Maps Development   2009
ULAC   Union of Local Authorities of Crete   2008
  Development of wireless telecommunication system   2008
VIRTUAL TRIP Ltd   Research and Development of New Internet Technologies and Applications   2007
ISD SA   Development of Integrated Systems   2007
CRETE ONLINE OE   Online Tourism Services   2006
SYNAPTIC Ltd   Development of Bioinformatics Software and  Automated Production Control Systems   2006
ELLEMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES Ltd   Research and Development of Telecommunications Systems   2006
FOOD STANDARD SA   Quality Consultants   2005
PLEFSIS SA   Computer Science Applications and online education   2004
FORTH PHOTONICS SA   Research and Development of medical diagnostic   2003
Priority Quality Consultants SA   Quality Consultants   2003
DATACRETA SA   Software Applications   2003
ERGO SA   Biomedical Research and Equipment   2003
HEALTHSYSTEMS XPERTEASE   Biomedical Applications   2003
CRETAN TOURISM COMPANY   Leisure services and research   2003
E-CAL TECHNICA   Water Treatment   2002
ΚΕΚ «CRETE DEVELOPMENT»   Training and Development   2002
ComToNet SA   Software Applications   2002
PLIROFORIKI ELLADOS SA   Software Applications   2001
PLANET S.A.   Enterprising services   2000
ENVIRO EUROPE S.A.   Environmental management services   2000